Hidden Trails Stables LLC

Trail Rides

1/2 Hour Ride: This trail follows along the stream and crosses the stream in several places, with lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife that is often seen along the trail. $25/person

1 Hour Ride: There are two options for the one hour ride.  A flat trail that follows the stream or a loop trail that takes you up and down a more rugged terrain.  Deer and other wildlife are often seen on this trail. $35/person

2 Hour Ride: There are two options for the two hour ride.  One follows  the Light Horse Harry Lee Trail.  The other takes you to the Cranny Crow overlook, at an elevation of over 3,000 feet this is a view that you must see for yourself.  $65/person

Pony rides: A hand held ride for children on designated pony trail. $5/per ride

***Ride times may vary, your ride could be 10-15 minutes longer or shorter than the planned ride time.